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Transitioning our New City

Council and the Mayor had 8 days of training to prepare to take office on May 1, 2017.  On the first day, we had a budget and 6 employees.  We had temporary space and no equipment.  All of the departments were still functioning under Fulton County. 

We've come a long way since May 1st.  Human Resources has some staff and is up and running.  The Clerk's, County Manager, Finance and Mayor's offices are operational and have staff.  An intergovernmental agreement was signed with Fulton County to keep our departments under them until we can transition them to the city.  As of 8/4/17, Development Services including Planning, Engineering, Permitting, and Code Enforcement have transitioned from the County to the City.  Parks and Recreation will transition no later than October 1st.  Police and Fire will transition in February and Public Works before the end of 2018.

The city's website,, will give you the history of all of our meetings, minutes, agendas, contracts, etc.  Look at the bottom of the website under open government for this information.  Available positions are under Current Career Opportunities at the bottom of the website.  The site is under construction so look for changes to occur periodically.

Our Fiscal year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th.  The 2018 fiscal budget has to be final by September 1st.  We've heard from most of the departments.  Look for a public hearing to share the budget with the community.  It will be published on this website and the city's website.

Department of Development Services Formerly Planning and Community Development

The City inherited the County's 2035 Comprehensive Plan for unincorporated South Fulton.  The link for it is:                                                                                                        We have an opportunity to revise it and must do so by February, 2019.  It will require a public hearing.  You can provide your input to shape it for our needs.  Prior to then, we plan to make whatever changes are necessary such that we not comingle warehouses with residential development.


comprehensive plan that focuses on families, particularly our children.                    resources to fund it.                                                                                                       more police and assessing how they are deployed.  


We have a partnership with Renaissance Middle School in our District.  Members of our Education Committee have joined the PTA.  It doesn't there.  Renaissance Elementary and Langston Hughes High School need our assistance as well.  A plan is being developed for partnerships with them that we will share soon.   The schools in our district have continued to improve.  They need our help as a community to reach their goals.   Parents, other community members. businesses, organizations and churches and our elected leaders can assist in forming the partnerships that are necessary as a resource for the schools.  I will help to form those partnerships.


Trash,                                                                                                                              illegal truck parking,                                                                                           environmental issues  Greenlaw Report                                                                      street lights,                                                                                                                     traffic lights,                                                                                                            additional parks and expanded recreation programs,                                                   main thoroughfares and cultural programs

Committee to Elect Naeema Gilyard
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