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Welcome to District 4 in the new City of South Fulton.  We are an agricultural, rural, surburban and commercial district.  Industrial development in other cities is close to some areas of our district.  Citizens have told me that they do not want residential and industrial development to co-exist.  

According to the 2035 Comprehensive land use plan there four main areas as follows:

Agricultural                                                                                                                           This area has very low density, without sewer connectivity and large acresThere are single family homes.  Conservation homes are appropriate.  There are large and small farms including horse and timber farms and livestock farming.  Civic uses in this area includes schools and places of workship with appropriate infrastructure.

Rural                                                                                                                                        This area transitions between the agricultural and surburban.  It has low to medium density residential single family homes on large lots and newer traditional subdivisionsSome areas do and others do not have sewer connectivity.  The existing natural environment is protected with conservation development that maintains the rural scale and design of this area.  Schools, places of worship, community centers are appropriate.  Only small scale commercial with a rural character is appropriate. 

Suburban                                                                                                                         There is a diversity of housing and affordability and preservation of the surrounding natural agricultural and rural areas.  This area is close to urbanized areas and has medium density.  Schools, places of worship, community centers and commercial development are allowed.  Local live work that includes, banks, drug stores and small multi tenant shopping centers, multi-family housing and office space.  Historic communities are considered in terms of size and scale.  

Industrial Marketplace                                                                                                      This area serves commercial and retail needs of workers in the area.  The services includes convenience retail.  Industrial includes wholesale trade distribution centers.  Residential use is not appropriate in this area.  Bus transit is proposed in this area.


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