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Hi Neighbors, 


Mayor and Council finalized our City's mission on July 26, 2017.  The mission of the City of South Fulton is to provide exceptional customer service that sustains a safe, inclusive, innovative, economically vibrant city.  


On May 23, 2017 we unanimously approved Resolution 2017-020 declaring the City of South Fulton’s intent to be a certified city of Ethnics as designated by the Georgia Municipal Association.   “As a group and as individuals, the City Council subscribes to the following ethics principles and pledges to conduct its affairs accordingly:”

  • Serve Others, Not Ourselves
  • Use Resources With Efficiency and Economy
  • Treat All People Fairly
  • Use the Power of Our Position for the wellbeing of our constituents
  • Create an environment of honesty, openness and integrity”


"The council is the community’s legislative and policy-making body.  They vote and        create departments, authorizes positions and compensation, approves the budget and determines the tax rate, etc.  The council also focuses on the community’s goals, major projects including community growth, land use development, capital improvement and strategic planning.  Also, the council votes on a   professional manager to implement the administrative responsibilities related to these goals.   To be effective, the Council must respond to the needs of constituents.  This occurs with the assistance of Constituent Representatives and with community support.

Constituent Representatives work for the council.  They respond to constituent requests for information or action; maintain council’s calendar and ensures that they attend  relevant meetings; represent councilmembers at neighborhood meetings; coordinate and monitor the implementation of projects initiated by council members; must be politically astute and sensitive to requests from council members or constituents; research laws and professional literature; design and conduct surveys; must be technology savvy; must be able to work a flexible schedule to attend council meetings.

The Mayor’s role is to preside at Council meetings, to act as head of the city for ceremonial purposes and has influence through contacts with various groups, politicians and executives.  He or she nominates the City Manager, Chief Judge of Municipal Court, City Clerk and City Treasurer and City Attorney subject to vote by the City Council.  Also, the Mayor does not vote but has veto power, does not make policy decisions but has influence on policy making and makes policy recommendations to council.   It is very important that the Mayor and Council work together to develop policy.

The City Manager is the head of the administrative branch and supervises department heads, hires and removes department heads, executes laws, etc.  Council depends on the City Manager to provide pertinent, complete and timely information. 

3. INFORMATION                                                                                                              CITY MEETING DATES, AGENDAS, MINUTES, RESOLUTIONS AND ORDINANCES, ETC., are on the City's website, scroll down to Open Government.


Committee to Elect Naeema Gilyard
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